Living Here In The Future

by Bedford Level Experiment

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Four songs inspired by some of our favourite sci-fi movies: Tron, E.T., 2001, and Slipstream (the 1989 movie that nobody likes but us).

Videos for songs from this EP:
Bit Pair:
87 Cards:
Living Here In The Future:

Video for Slipstream coming as soon as someone asks for it!


released July 5, 2017

Rianna: vocals, organ, synths, piano, drums
Robin: vocals, guitar, bass, lyrics, production

Thanks to Sam Washburn of P1XL Games for help with the cover art.

See the individual songs for more detailed credits.



all rights reserved


Bedford Level Experiment Thunder Bay, Ontario

Bedford Level Experiment makes sincere nerdrock, ranging from folk-rock to post-punk to shoegaze. We focus on creating concept albums around geek themes - procedurally generated Shakespeare lyrics, the sci-fi musings of John Wyndham, or growing up in the '80s as a computer nerd without a computer, for example. ... more

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Track Name: Bit Pair
Hey, stop right there! YES
What's that supposed to mean? YES
Can't you say anything else? YES
Well, what else? NO

Ah, positive or negative
Zero or one
True or false
On or off

You're a Bit!

Where's your program? NO
Am I your program? YES
Oh, great… another mouth to feed

You're a Bit
And I'm your Program

Bit, help me out here
Should we go left or right? YES
Oh, should we go left? NO
Then we'll go right YES

You're a Bit
And I'm your Program
We're complementary

Hey Bit, I'm thinking you're not really a binary digit YES
More of a trinary bit - a trit? YES
Could you act like a proper bit?
Stop that!
Okay, okay, just be a trinary bit.
I guess we now know why you were made that way. YES

You're a Bit
And I'm your Program
We make a great Pair
Track Name: 87 Cards
In 1982 I thought Tron was the best movie
Though I had never seen it, I wanted to go
But instead my parents took me to see E.T.
Which I really didn’t care about before

But once I saw it, I was captivated
I’d get on my BMX and pedal around
Imagining I was on the run from the FBI
Racing my alien buddy home

I collected the trading cards pack by pack
Buying them at the corner store down the block
Sometimes trading with kids at school
Eventually I had all eighty-seven cards, a complete set
Track Name: Living Here In The Future
She’s walking very slowly
Being careful she doesn’t slip
She must be new around here
On this shiny ship

The stewardess struggles to walk
With her velcro-bottomed shoes
Bringing dinner to me
While we fly to the moon

We’re living here in the future,

I’m the only passenger
While the men pilot the craft
The woman catches my wayward pen
As I take a space nap

Not in much of a hurry
We’ve got all day and night
Heading to the moon base
A two-hundred-forty-thousand mile space flight

I heard there’s something on the moon
That’s been buried for a long time
We dug it up, a black monolith
With dimensions one, four, nine...
Track Name: Slipstream
Flying high above the surface
River of wind washes the planet clean
The earth reshaped by The Convergence
Aloft in the Slipstream

In pursuit of a well-dressed man
Running around the ruined mountain-rim
Falls from high, pulled by grappling hook
"He thought the wind would save him"

Oh! I have slipped the surly bonds of Earth
Put out my hand, and touched the face of God."
"And Thou art Dead, as Young and Fair"
He's quoting Magee and Byron

He wonders what it was like growing up
He believes he knows where he belongs
He heals the blind boy's sight, a simple thing
He wants justice for his own wrongs

Wanted for killing a man, they want to turn him in
One wants to restore law, to apprehend
The other sees a bounty to break out of poverty
But what he really needs is a friend